White Noise

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Football, England and a BET

So, the greatest show in the world has started, huh....
'Whom do you support?', demands my brother.
I think for sometime and say 'hmm.. England'.
My bro looks at me like I have just been out of a mad house and bursts out laughing.
'England... Why?', he demands again.
I reply, somewhat sheepishly, 'I know the max no. of players only in England'. (not a good reason, yeah.. but, that's the way it is)
'How many?'
'7' (it suddenly popped to my head as being a jolly good decent no.)
'Ok, name the 7. I bet u can't'
I could have put an end to this inquisition by using my self-given authority as the elder bro. But, my ego was under stake here...
'Ok kiddo.. Bet, it is' (Wouldn't I know atleast 7 guys.. pah..)
So, I proceeded with alacrity...
I start off confidently, 'Beckham, Owen, Rooney, Gerrard'.
'ummm... Rooney, Gerrard... and then...'
'Then...?', my bro gives me a highbrow look.
'Well... Wait... I need time man... Yeah.. The young fella who was in the papers today... his uncle was a Windies cricketer.. Yes, Walcott.. Theo Walcott'
'2 more...'
I begin thinking furiously now...
Still thinking....
Suddenly, I remember a guy whom I have seen while passing the TV hall some night in the college hostel when Balaji n gang were watching some EPL match.
'That black guy.. Cole.. Joe Cole'
'Hey, Joe Cole is not a black.. that's Ashley Cole'
Now, he shouldn't have said that, should he?
'Whatever lil fella.. Do not be blinded by racial prejudice.. the 7th guy is of course Ashley Cole. Was just gonna mention him when u interfered.. Now, take out the bucks.. '