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Friday, August 18, 2006

CURTAINS - My First Attempt At Dethroning Pablo Neruda :-)

. Here's something I wrote a few weeks ago...
A month, the world watched this game
So absurdly simple in name
Just a nine inch ball, to tame
Creating magic all the same
Heroes from yonder, they all came
Coveting glory and enduring fame

The group contests, none remembers
Too many teams merely made up the numbers
Flashed their brilliance, those capable Africans
Gave their hearts out, those intrepid Asians
But flashes never won matches
And onward marched the regular batches

Each game became too close to call
But then, someone always has to fall
Now the script began to turn awry
The favourites were made to look sorry
As Zidane started connecting his passes
Bookies were ruing over their losses

When Rooney shoved and Beckham cried
England had very well died
They displayed none of their valiance
Not once justifying their bank balance
As for the WAGs
'Twas time to pack their bags

While the Latino samba lacked it's beat
The host came third, no mean feat
And the Portugese stood up to fight
All crashing out when the going got tight
Finally, the French clashed with the Italians
Each dazzled us with their brilliance

Deservedly lifted the trophy, did Cannavaro
The Azzuris rarely left a gap, however narrow
For Les Bleus, the tidings looked rosy
Before things turned a little messy
Some untypable muttered by Matterazzi
Made ZiZou go a wee bit crazy

That made the referee get busy
And Champs d' Elysees went all hushy
It indeed was a great shame
But the great man has only himself to blame
Forgive himself, he would never
For he could've been the greatest ever!
. An appreciative word or two would mean the world to me.. A derisive critique would mean even more..


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